As soon as I tell people that I’m fundraising to make a film they almost always suggest something like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Over the last few months I’ve been researching and comparing the two sites and I ultimately decided to go with Indiegogo.

My decision was nothing against Kickstarter. I know that it was the name that everyone would recognize… and it seemed a bit bigger than Indiegogo. But I was turned off by the all-or-nothing policy right off the bat. I just didn’t know if I could handle working so hard to raise funds, and then because I hadn’t reached my goal the funds would all go away.

Indiegogo, on the other hand, had another campaign option – Flexible Funding. So with Indiegogo if I didn’t reach my goal they would take 9%, but at least I’d have something to show for my efforts.

Once that was decided I had a lot of work to do! It’s all about getting the word out, so I assembled an Indiegogo “team” – folks from different parts of my life that have either worked with me on a play written by this writer, folks who also love Japan, or folks who also love this writer. A couple of weeks before the Indiegogo campaign launch, we all had a conference call to talk about when to post on Facebook, when to email our networks, etc. By the end of the call we were all excited and ready to go!

It is my understanding that campaigns with videos tend to be more successful. So a few months ago, I interviewed other professional artists who had worked with the writer too. I recorded these interviews and edited them down to a few minutes each – so now you can see a writer, director and actress all talk about the importance of this woman’s voice and why is has to be shared and heard.

I also had to make a video of myself. This was certainly the hardest part, I’ll admit. The first time I tried it ended up being more a learning experience. I had a script so that I wouldn’t forget what I wanted to say, but you could tell that I was reading behind the camera. Eventually I found an app that let me change power point slides with my phone – genius! That helped me to remember what I wanted to say, change the slides quickly and quietly, and not look too much like I was reading. Success!

I think that this Indiegogo campaign has helped me to focus on my pitch – not only why I’m making this film, but also who my audience is. I’m reaching out to all the corners of my life and telling everyone about this project – and Indiegogo has helped me move one step closer to my goal of a finished film.