When my friend asked me how the film development was going last week I said that I was too busy to have a nervous breakdown – but in a good way. I finally have some momentum and I’m working hard to keep it going.

I started fundraising by putting some of my own money in to an empty bank account. I started adding to that bank account by emailing, writing cards, and asking everyone I knew for money. I partnered with a non-profit so that everyone who gave me funds would get a tax-deduction. That got the ball rolling, but only slowly.

I set up the website, starting looking at grants and started making videos to use to promote the project. With this basic structure in place, I could launch the crowdfunding campaign and plan a fundraising gala. This is where I started to run, not walk.

Once I launched the online campaign I found that I not only had a reason to tell people about the site (because I had just launched it), but also there were videos uploaded to tell people about the project and my story. I could then direct people to this website and YouTube to check out an interview with the screenwriter, my introduction to the project and other promotional videos.

After the initial wave of donations subsided I started to get discouraged. I had been working so hard, but wondered if I’d ever raise the money. And then I got a check in the mail for a significant amount of money. It was just the push I needed to keep going. I felt encouraged, supported and inspired to keep pushing and climbing.

Now I have the funds to have another fundraiser – one that’s outdoors with wine and cheese – and one that I can formally invite people to to spend time with the writer and producers to learn more about this project.

More and more people are hearing about this project and that motivates me to keep going. I’m holding steady at the top of the wave and I’m excited to ride it out.