Get a Major League Mentor

Even though there is no “one path” to becoming a director, it’s good to know that there are many paths. While I will create my own path, it still helps to learn how others have achieved success. You never know where knowledge will lead!

When I was about to graduate with my MFA in Directing, I knew that my professional niche might be in film. Where to begin? Start networking of course!

I asked my friends and family if they had any contacts for me. My mother worked at a school in Massachusetts at the time, and through her work knew a man who worked as a producer. My mother told this producer about me and arranged for me to have coffee with him.

We met one Saturday in May up in the Berkshires. I told him about living in Japan, backpacking in China and Tibet, falling in love with the work of Velina Hasu Houston, and wanting to share Houston’s universal stories with the world through film. This producer, now my mentor, appreciated that I had traveled so much and agreed that I had found my niche. He suggested that I work towards being a producer on a film, starting at the bottom of course, and add that skill to directing.

My mentor had a film planned and invited me onboard. I was thrilled with the chance to prove myself.

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